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But I *DID* pay!!!!

Every single month for the last three plus years, I've called in my payment to Carmax. (One of those "Call us and we'll print the check for you from your account" kinds of things.)

This includes the last five months. But, regular as clockwork since January, I call in on the 15th (my payment is due on the 21st) and do my payment. It clears. Then, right around the 5th, I get a letter reminding me I hadn't paid. Around the 6th, I send the letter back attached to a copy of the cancelled check (my credit union puts them all online for easy access).

Then, on the 15th, the cycle repeats itself.

Five months in a row, I've gotten a "reminder" to pay a bill I had already paid. Grr . . . But at least my car is still there every morning when they think I'm a deadbeat. (I don't think they can repo for being allegedly one payment late, anyway.)

(Luckily, I only have 4 payments left, so I won't have to put up with this much longer. But something is clearly screwed up with their computer.)
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