Marquis Francois X. de Marzipan (greektoomey) wrote in bad_service,
Marquis Francois X. de Marzipan

I had brunch today at one of my favorite restaurants. I've been eating there fairly regularly for nine years. The food, as always, was superb. The restaurant, as always on weekends, was packed. So I was not bothered by the fact that the woman who took my order and delivered my food never found time to check on me, or to ask whether I wanted anything else. She did come by once to refill my coffee, but she did not say anything to me when she did so. Which is fine, because as I said, the restaurant was very busy.


About five minutes after I finished my meal, the other server, who had also refilled my coffee once (also silently), came to my table to clear my plates, and give me my check. I stopped him, and said that I would like a piece of coffee cake... and he got huffy. He told me that he would bring me my coffee cake, but I should have ordered it with my original order, because now I've held up the table and they need it to seat more customers. I told him that I had been waiting for someone to come and ask me whether I wanted anything else, and I could hardly be blamed that nobody did so. He went away, and shortly brought me my coffee cake.

I ate the cake without dawdling, and went to the counter to pay (not wishing to hold up the table waiting for my check to be delivered). I gave a 21% tip, and attempted to explain that I had not meant to camp out at the table, I was only waiting for my server to ask whether I needed anything else, because I couldn't know whether I had room for dessert until after I'd eaten my meal, could I? The cashier - who was also the server who gave me my check and told me I'd been holding up the table - brusquely informed me that it was not their policy to ask diners whether they wanted to add to their order before delivering the check. I admitted that apparently was the case, but that it had not been that way at that restaurant in the past, and then I left.

x-posted to customers_suck because I didn't know better.
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