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Bad Bus Service

this is my first post here - hi

i go from place to place via public transit and usually the bus drivers are very helpful and nice. if you knwo them quite well they will get you as close to your stop as possible (even though they're not supposed to). they're usually pretty awesome.

but then today i got this guy

firstly i want to explain that busses are not supposed to pick up up or drop you off just anywhere. only at a designated bus stop. again if you ride them enough and they knwo you and you're on friendly terms with them (the drivers), they'll let you off where you ask them as long as it doesnt take them out of their route. anyway today this bus stops about about 10 feet AWAY from the stop, passing me up. no problem it happens i just walk to the bus.

me: morning. all day please
bd: (ignoring my greeting, talking on cellphone)

the ticket comes up and i take it

me: thank you
bd: (ignoring me, talking on cellphone)

this is 10 minutes later, i get off at my stop

me: thanks
other people getting off at stop: thanks/take it easy/catch you back around...
bd: (ignore, ignore - talk on cellphone)

i'm not even sure what bothered me more.. that he was talking on the phone and driving or that he didnt even acknowledge that people had spoken to him
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