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The other night, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Baskin Robbins. Mmm, ice cream.

It was about 8:20, and this particular BR closed at 8:30. Weird time to close, but whatever. We walk in and there are already two separate orders in front of us. Two teenage girls, one woman and her two children, and my boyfriend and I.

There were only two people working so I was definitely not expecting the quickest service. I wasn't in any rush. Then I noticed that out of the two girls behind the counter, only one was really working. One girl, we'll call her Suzy, was trying to quickly fill the woman's order. The other girl, Betty, was standing off to the side of the counter chatting with the two teenage girls. Betty and the two teenage girls are talking very loudly about going back to school, partying and boys and such. It was obvious that Betty's friends had come to see her at work. Whatever, I don't care. But you might want to take care of your other customers before you have a big, loud conversation.

Suzy finishes the woman's order and comes over to take ours. The boyfriend orders, she begins filling the order but says she needs get more cups. She apologizes for the wait, we say it's fine. Betty is still gabbing away. Then she asks her friends what they want this time. The two girls order, Betty gives them ice cream, they don't pay and they leave. Betty looks at us glares, and just stands there. Suzy starts making our order and I go outside to smoke. Betty's friends are loudly talking about a party. Betty comes outside and starts talking about a party she is going to. At this point I walk to my car. They are talking so loudly I can hear them from the car. One of the teenage girls [who I actually found WORKS THERE] yells at Betty, "YOU CAN'T GO TO THAT PARTY! You're gonna get shot... by a BROWN person!"

As she is saying this, more customers are walking in. Betty yells back, "I am not going to get shot by a brown person!"

A line starts inside, and Suzy is left alone to make all of the orders. At this time, my boyfriend [who is "Brown" and I am white] is coming outside. He says, "You might want to go help, you have a big line now." Betty just stares at my boyfriend, then looks inside and doesn't budge. He shrugs and walks to my car. Betty's friend is somewhere near my car and says something like... I'm wrong for dating him because he's black and I'm white. I tell her to fuck off, and she leaves.

After I explain what happened to the boyfriend, he told me he thinks we should complain.

One of the employees was very good, while Betty was visiting with friends while there was a line. Then when another line formed, she stayed outside. Just a minute before they had to close, and she didn't do anything. Then she's standing outside of the store, in uniform talking to another employee, yelling racial things and basically just being stupid bitches. What would you do?

I live near Sacramento. There is an IKEA in Emeryville, but when they opened up an IKEA in West Sacramento, I was very excited. I decided to go one day with my boyfriend. We had a really nice time walking around the display area, and then downstairs. Jokes were made about Swedish names for things... it was just fun.

But then my boyfriend made the mistake of asking a woman who worked there if she knew when they got in more stock. She looks at him, makes a really strange groan/sigh noise, and says, "NO!" Okay. simple question. give a simple answer.

Then, when we went to check out we were in a huge line. I decided to do self check-out. So I waited in that huge line. I noticed that the entire 15 minutes I waited in line, the woman who was running self check-out was looking in my basket. As I got to the front of the line, I started unloading all the stuff we were buying. At that time, the woman who had been looking at my basket the entire time told me I couldn't go through self check-out with something I was buying. Well... what the fuck. I asked what it was. Some kind of furniture I was buying... which she could clearly see the entire 15 minutes I waited. I asked her, "Why didn't you tell me 15 minutes ago?" "I can't leave right here... I couldn't go tell you" "I was just a few feet away... are you kidding?" The whole time I'm being rather calm but she says, "If you don't move to another line, you need to leave the store."

So I get everything back into my cart and move to another lane. Where I wait another 15 minutes just for the woman ringing me up to slam my glasses down on the counter. Needless to say, some of them broke and she said, "They are barely chipped!" "No. I want new glasses. I am not paying for broken glasses." "Then you can go get them yourself!"

We went back the next day [it's really close to where I live]. The service was fine. Some guy who worked there overheard my boyfriend and I talking about the check-out woman the day before. He asked for her name and said that the service we got was horrible and that he was sorry.

Lately I've just had really bad luck... And that reminded me of being at work. I was giving a woman change. The change was 75 cents. I had one quarter left in my drawer and a fifty cent piece. So that is what I gave her. She refused to believe that a fifty cent piece existed. I tried to convince her, but she just yelled, "This is bad service! This is bad service!" and left. :P
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