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That's not physically possible!

I'm about ready to install a tracking device on my grandfather.

Background: My grandfather has late stage altzimer's. He's pretty much gone mentally and resides in the VA hospital (Vetran's Administration hospital, served in WWII). His is occasionally violent.

That said, my grandfather recently fell down and broke his hip while in the hospital so severly he needed surgery on it. They can't do that where we live but 4 hours away in Portland, OR.

So my mother goes up last week (day after he broke his hip) to check on him and make sure he was okay and ready to go on the long trip up to Portland. When she arrives, they tell her he's already left.

Except an ambulance pulls up, requesting to be directed to where the patient was.

Since a patient being transported hospital to hospital can only go by ambulance, there is much confusion over just WHERE my grandfather is. Which it turns out was in his room, resting peacefully.

Ambulance leaves (wrong ambulance) and mum waits for three hours for the right one to arrive, to make sure my grandfather is actually safely gone and on his way to surgery.

Complications with surgery, no big, they happen. Grandmere calls up today to see how her husband is doing...

And Portland has no idea where my grandfather is as his ICU area is empty. He had hip surgery a few days ago, he can't just jump out of bed and take a stroll.

Grandmere makes some calls and finds out an hour later Grandpere is back down in Roseburg (again, four hours away), where he has apparently attacked a nurse, despite the fact he is no where NEAR healed from surgery.

Granted I've never HAD hip surgery, but I remember my stomach surgery and I could barly move let alone violently attack someone a few days later and that wasn't on a joint.

Portland still has no idea where Grandpa is.

So now, tomorrow we have to get together and try to figure out what we're doing with my grandfather since the VA is trying to throw him out and we can't afford a private nursing home. His insurance is VA so thats' the only place it will pay for.

I swear if these people don't get their acts together I will go up there and go violent on them (okay not really but it's tempting).

Bad Service: Losing a patient, not realizing they've lost a patient, accusing a temporarily handicap man of violently attacking a nurse when he can't even move (and no, they actually said he attacked her as one would standing, not just grabbed her or something easy).
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