Look away, you don't want to see this (sweetitaliano) wrote in bad_service,
Look away, you don't want to see this

Quick background:

Last Thursday I went to this clinic because I have been sleeping an insane amount lately. Saw the doctor, blah blah, she said to keep in touch but that she would call me when she had results from the blood work I needed to have done. I left the clinic at about 5, and every lab was closed so I went the next day to have blood taken. They told me 2-3 business days...

I didn't hear from anyone Monday but I didn't expect to. I called 3 times Tuesday where this Ms. Wilson just kept taking down my info and telling me I would get a call back. I explained to her that, hey, I could have MONO and I kinda need to know if I do or not since I haven't been in school and I don't want to go around infecting people. She 'understands' and will tell the doctor to call me back. For some reason she can't look at my chart and let me know if they even got the results or not. Of course, I get no call back.

Today, I receive no call by noon, so i call again. Someone else tells me, yes they did get the blood work but the doctor needs to discuss it with me and (again) she will call me back.

That was about 3 hours ago. I understand doctors are busy. I just want a 1 minute call to let me know what is wrong with me. If I have mono, then I can't go to work or school. If I don't we need to figure out what the hell is going on with my body.

I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF I AM SICK OR NOT!! This just really annoys me, since medical matters are usually important but they are taking their sweet time and giving me the run-around. I'm trying really hard to not be a pain in the ass, but they are making it extremely difficult for me.
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