sweetbums (sweetbums) wrote in bad_service,


I started using an old laptop today and lo and behold, I forgot the administrator password. Since it's windows 2000, I'm SOL. I called a computer place nearby and asked if anything could be done. The guy said he'd have to reinstall windows for $65. I asked if he had windows 2000 and he said yes. I then asked how long it would take and he said no more than an hour. I got there and he tried to convince me to install windows xp; I told him no-- it's not my laptop and my boyfriend wanted windows 2000. Ok, he said that was fine and to pick it up in one hour.

Well, it's been over an hour now so I just called to see if he was done. He said he wasn't and I asked how much longer. He said "one to two hours, atleast". Ok, why tell me "one hour" when it is now going to take 2-3 hours. I needed it quickly. If I knew it was going to take 3 hours, I would've paid someone(less) to reinstall it, but it would've taken the same time frame.
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