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Horrible service and I'm not even a customer of theirs!

I was checking my online bank statement today and I noticed a charge for $149.95. Didn't recognize the name but thought it might be a bill I paid online.

Then I looked again - the bill was listed a little bit higher up, and I had no record of the $149.95 in my check register. So I called the number, and it's for a USA Gold credit card setup fee. Now, they've called before and I turned them down. So I didn't know why they'd turned up on my checking account.

I sat on hold to talk to a customer service representative, and lo and behold, they're claiming that someone else opened the account under my number. I ask who, and they refuse to tell me. So I tell them the only other person who would have access to my account number is my husband. The rep CLAIMS he opened the account on 4/12. Now.. Unless he opened the account between 3 and 5:30 PM on that date (which she couldn't tell me what time it was opened), he couldn't have opened it. I got home at 5:30 and we were gone until 9-ish that night. So I'm trying to get answers, and they want to argue. Then when I tell them he's not authorized on my checking account they want to know if I want to press charges.

No, I don't want to press charges - I was thinking, IF he did open the account, it was an accident. He's not very good with money, but he's not stupid enough to pay $150 for a card he can only use online.

(You have to understand, my father had the same thing happen to him, with the same people. He gave my mother's information out, never actually agreed to anything, and they took it out anyway then refused to provide proof that my father actually AGREED to it. I guess Mom got her money back, then. So I thought maybe my husband did the same thing - y'know, chatting with the rep and inadvertantly giving them too much information, or filling out a form that went through without him confirming it.)

I'm trying to figure out how they got my account number. They're telling me they can't give it back to me for 5-7 days, because according to them the payment hasn't gone through on their end yet so it'll be a day or two for that, then it's 3-5 business days to refund the money.

Talked to my husband, then. He NEVER talked to them, didn't fill out anything online, and he sure as hell didn't give them my checking account number. I didn't think he would but I had to be sure before I called the bank.

So I talked to the bank. I have three options; wait for them to give the money back, file an unauthorized charges report, or close the account. Which I don't want to do, dammit, I've had that account since 2000. So at this point I'm going to wait and see what they do, and my husband is going to have to put the money back in until we find out for sure. Pisses me off, too. But essentially, my hands are tied.

So.. the main reason I'm posting this here is: Does anyone know where I would go to file an official complaint against them? Someone suggested the Better Business Bureau but I wasn't impressed with them (went to their site). Is there some sort of consumer credit watchdog or something? They claim they can't provide me with a timestamp or anything, but I know on MY company's website, webforms carry a time and date stamp. I want to be prepared - even if they give me my money back, they still took it illegally in the first place!

I'm in Ohio, if that helps.
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