Jgirl (jussacgirl) wrote in bad_service,

Medical bad service

My older sister told us this story last night. Jaws dropped.

When Sis was 17 (nearly 10 years ago now) she wanted to be put on the Pill for birth control reasons. She didn't want to go to our GP because, although she knew he couldn't break confidentiality, she thought it would be a bit awkward since he'd been her doctor since she was five.

So she rang a new doctor's surgery, explained she was a new patient and asked if they could take her on for just one appointment.

The receptionist said "May I ask what this is about?"

"Um... sorry?"

"Why do you want to see [doctor]? What issue is it regarding?"

Sis managed to stammer: "Um, I was wondering if I could get a prescription for the Pill..."

The receptionist snorted "Well I'm sorry, we don't do THAT kind of thing in THIS doctor's surgery!" and hung up on her.

What. The. Fuck? If they weren't taking on new patients at all, it'd be one thing... but... *shakes head* The Pill is perfectly legal, and my sister was over the age of consent (not that they asked her or anything, they had no way of knowing how old she was or what sort of circumstances she was in.) Plus, the Pill isn't just used because you're a dirty, dirty whore who has sex as birth control.

Naturally, my sister didn't exactly complain about it, she was thoroughly humiliated.
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