Jennifer M (constance1010) wrote in bad_service,
Jennifer M

I wanted to give an update to this post I made last week. 

Burger King Regional Manager called. He was quite upset. He is going to review the cameras to find out who it is. He told me to go visit the other local store for free food. I sent the email yesterday. He is going to visit the store today.He said there was no reason that I couldnt have been given the cup of ice nor should have I been given that attitude when I offered to pay for the cup. He also said that woman was most definitely not the GM.

I have no intention of going to get any free food because that really wasn't the goal - it was to bring to the managements attention that someone of that level of disregard was working for them and was treating people that badly. 

I never even really posted here what happened on the Saturday when I went to get the contact information for tha management (which I found is actually run out of corporate). My daughter decided she was STARVING so I went in to get her some food. The SAME women was working at the front register. There was a manager right next to her. She recognized me when I came in. More attitude ensued and her screwing up my orders and quite a few others as we waited for the food. (We being my 8 year old and I and my boyfriend.) She glared at us while we ate. When I got up to throw away the trash.. she LEFT the register with customers in line and came over and stood uncomfortably close to me when I threw things away with my 8 year old standing RIGHT next to me. The move itself was aggressive and thankfully she never actually said anything to me or touched me but the fact that she made that move - and then got in a lot of trouble for leaving a line full of customers to go "get my tray". Whatever. I never said a word to her about the incident nor to the manager that was there because the poor woman was pulling her hair out cleaning up the messes the girl was making.
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