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Drug Test Question

Is it customary for a potential employer not to tell you WHY you failed a drug test?

I was trying to get a job around here as a cashier and I went in weeks ago to fill out an application and go take the test.

The tech didn't ask me any medications that I was on, to put on my form, of which I have several at any given time because I have a serious issue with my jaw.

I never heard back from the potential employer. I did notice that they had their ad up again so I inquired as to what exactly happened last time.

"When we send applicants to drug testing we usually hear a pass or not pass within a few days.  I can't look at any details but our HR department sent an email saying that you did not pass. "

How hard is it to send a letter saying what they found so you can defend yourself? Does any company ever tell you why? How about companies not tell you ANYTHING?
I've never failed a test for employment. I'm off-eased enough with my facial condition and the fact that I just moved to this state, and now thinking 'how many more times can this possibly happen'?
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