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Is this bad service?

So, over spring break we got some hail damage on my poor little car. We contacted the insurance company and set a date to have the damage repaired. I dropped my car off on April 1 for what I thought was going to be a five day job. Little did I know two weeks later it still wouldn't be finished.

Anyway, as I said, I dropped the car off late on April 1, a Saturday, and had my husband take me to borrow my mother's car. On Monday, April 3 work began, so I've been told anyway. On Tuesday, April 4 I get a call from the garage stating that they needed more money from the insurance company because the dents weren't coming out with paint-less dent repair. On Thursday, April 6 the insurance company finally approved the work and I was given "the middle of next week" as the approximate time that my car would be finished.

On Thursday, April 13, at around 3 p.m. I called to check the status of my car (Wednesday would have been the middle of the week) and was told that it would be done Friday evening. Great! I really like my car and really want it back. The phone rings on Friday and I'm told that my car was being painted right then and that it wouldn't be done Friday evening but would be ready on Monday afternoon. They did, at this time, get me a rental car for the weekend because I informed them that my mother needed her car back. This was good service on their part since I don't have rental insurance on my policy.

First thing Monday morning I call to confirm that my car will be ready Monday afternoon and I'm told that it was being painted right then, they'd had some parts that they needed on Friday that they couldn't get so it would be ready for pick up on Tuesday. I've waited all day phone call from anyone, I'm not going to call them anymore. When they are tired of paying $30 a day for my rental car they'll get the work done...I hope.

If they don't get moving on my car I may have to ask them to make my next car payment.

EDIT: I got my car back this morning. They seem to have done a beautiful job fixing it. They washed it and even vacuumed the inside for my! YAY! for a nice clean car!
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