_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

Last night I went to pick up my boyfriend from work. He's right next to a Jack in the box, and he was starving so we stopped there to get some food. We've gone there pretty often within the past few weeks. We know most of the employees and we know that the store is 24 hours. Their dining room closes at midnight, but it was 11 when I picked him up, so we planned on going inside.

As we drove up I noticed that all of the lights were off, except for the drive-thru sign. We figured, whatever, we'll go to the drive-thru. One of the guys who was working drive-thru has always been an asshole to me. I'm nothing but nice to him, but for some reason he is always rude to me. Half the time he ignores me for a few minutes before even trying to take my order [he's not all too fluent in English] and the other half of the time I'm there, he looks at me, turns around and speaks Spanish to someone. Then they both look at me and laugh.

So we get up to the speaker, order our food which I have to repeat about 10 times because he can't understand what I mean by "chicken sandwich". "A what?" *loud and clear* "A chicken sandwich" "What is that..."

We get to the window and I hand him a JITB gift card that the boyfriend's mom got us. We have two, and both had 20 dollars on them. He scans one, hands it back and says, "You have no money on the card." The boyfriend says, "No, we have money on the card... can you try it again?" very nicely. The guy tries it again and it doesn't work. I hand over my card. He says it has no money. Then we hand over a credit card, and he says, "It probably won't work... you guys just don't have money." He shuts the window, charges the meal to my boyfriend's credit card, gives us food [sans condiments I requested and straws that he said were in the bag], and we leave. Once I got home I called to find out the balance on the cards. 20 dollars on both.

Funny thing is, which I didn't tell the boyfriend [so he wouldn't make a giant deal] is that when he got the second gift card, he pretended to swipe it. He didn't. He just touched it to the screen. And when he was telling us we had no money on the card, he smiled and asked if we just wanted to throw the cards away. I said no and that I wanted them back... but honestly. What the fuck?

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