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Letter to my Apartment complex

Good Morning,
I am writing to you in regards to the notice that was left on our door after 5:10pm last night. This notice informed us that there would be a Verizon contractor in our apartment on 4/18 (today). It also asked us to lock up our pets and to clean out our closet for their convenience.
My fiancee and I did not get this notice until 9:30pm as we were out with some friends. Needless to say, by this time both your office and the contractor were unavailable for discussion.
I find the short notice for invasion of my home to be both rude and inconsiderate. Upon reading my lease I do see that you are allowed to let contractors into my home without my permission during "reasonable" hours, but there is no note on how much notice you are required to give.
I would submit to you that when requests such as locking up my pet and cleaning out my closet are made that 18 hours is insufficient notice of entry to my domicile.
I know that my frustration at this policy will likely fall on deaf ears. However, I felt that in order to curtail future indiscretions on your part, that I should make my displeasure known.

Please know that this incident will factor into my future considerations when deciding whether to stay with your community.
Your frustrated customer,
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