The World's Sexiest Killing Machine (notorious_oit) wrote in bad_service,
The World's Sexiest Killing Machine

The best part of waking up...IS UNAUTHORIZED ROAMING ON YOUR BILL

There's nothing better than waking up to check your cell phone bill and finding a shitload of roaming charges to a phone number you don't recognize, to a city NINE GODDAMN HOURS AWAY.

What's even better is when you talk to a supervisor (after the first lady lectures you for five minutes simply because you slip up and drop the F-bomb because the stupid bitch says "It's only $13.50 in charges, it's not that much to worry about!" OMG RAGECAR BLING BLING) and are told "NO YOUR PHONE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HACKED ITS IMPOSSIBLE ZOMG YOUR STOOPID AND DONT KNOE HOW TU WERK YR FONE ELEVENTYONE11!!!"

Then call back five minutes later and get another person who says "Yes, it sounds like your phone has been hacked, let me put you in touch with our Network Fraud department."

I swear, competency and niceness are not required for Sprint's customer service, though when you do find someone who IS both competent AND nice, it's definitely worth putting up with the bullshit.
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