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Deposit from Hell

My Dad told me this story of a sucky teller yesterday and I just had to share. A few years back he closed one of his bank accounts in order to transfer the money into another bank. He went to the teller with a check made out to himself for a large amount of money (something like $30,000 - oh I wish he would share!) and wanted to make a deposit.

Teller - Wow! That's a really large check. I'm not sure I can deposit a check for that much.
Dad - Whaaaaa?
T - I need to check on this. I will be right back. (Gone for probably around 5-10 minutes)
T - Ok. I can accept this, but you need to sign here next to the dollar amount. (Even though he had already signed the bottom of the check and the back to endorse it)
T - And you will not be able to touch any of the money at all in your accound for 5 days. (Not just the $30,000 he is depositing, but the other $20,000 as well)
D - Uh, ok. (Proceeds to sign a 3rd signature on check)
T - And I need to you sign up here by the date as well.
D - (Proceeds to sign there and a few other places on the check, just to make sure cuz at this point he was pretty pissed off) Here, there are now 11 signatures on this check. Will that be enough to make a deposit?!

I guess by this point he was being a sucky customers, but geez, she was giving him a hard time and he was trying to make a deposit, not a withdrawl. Who ever heard of signing next to the deposit amount and the date. Something we don't know about banks? He says he never saw her at the bank again after that.
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