azetburcaptain (azetburcaptain) wrote in bad_service,

I didn't think I'd ever have to post here...

I'd been lurking for a while, but I work retail and I don't want to sound like a BITCH by posting here. But I had experiences that I felt were for sharing.

My mum went with her 13-year old Honda to a Honda-authorized shop for repair, to change her oil. Now, they told her she should be back in about an hour, and she left, had coffee in a place and read her papers. She went back to the place, they gave her car, she paid, all good, right?

Not right. Half an hour in, the car starts sounding reaaaally weird, and even smelling somewhat. Now since my mother doesn't know much about cars, but has a lot of common sense, she called her friend Harry after she pulled over. Luckily he came in, and opened the hood. Only to reach the conclusion they had drained the oil, but put NONE of th "new" oil in! Cue my mother getting very angry, and almost crying, because they could have killed her! She goes back, they refuse to give her a refund or else correct the situation, but Harry offered to tow the car to S.'s shop, a Romanian friend of his. (Harry is Hungarian, but he's lived in Romania all his life. S is Jewish, lived in Israel but speaks fluent Romanian and LOVED living in Romania) My mother agrees. S fixed the car in about 40 minutes, explained everything to my mother, called the other horrid shop, made a fuss, they gave her a refund, and he changed her oil and did some maintenance car stuff. (with the engine and around it... I don't know exactly what but the car didn't make any noise or shake even slightly, it's been great ever since) S. was nice, helpful and is now our trusted mechanic. He told her to change the oil on the car every 6 months or so even, and that's what my grandfather had told her too. My mother joked that she'd have to get under there and learn how to do it herself!

Anyhow, at least it had a happy ending! When I went to Futureshop to get a component for my computer (a network card or a new modem for cable internet) I received no help whatsoever. They are so poorly trained at that particular location. I was surprised since my previous experience with them had been good, I purchased my camera from them and they were very, very helpful. But alas, not every location has the same standards! The guy in the computer section had NO IDEA what I was talking about and sold me the wrong product, and, since at the time I was in pain, had to send my boyfriend back for an exchange. Now I have a $20 giftcard and I'll probably spend it on cartriges for my photoprinter. Oi.

Don't people train their employees anymore?
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