Kathy with a K. (xx_kathy) wrote in bad_service,
Kathy with a K.

I have a question and story of somewhat bad service to go with it.

I called Citi to activate my new credit card with my married name on it, and I got transferred to a CSR. We went ahead and did account verification, and activated the card. After that, she started upselling. I said nicely no three times, but she still pushed the product (the credit monitoring service). I even said it three different ways [oh, no thank you, I don't need that. It's okay, I am not interested. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in that service], and then she just got pushhy and stuff. Eventually I caved in and just said yes [I don't like hanging up either, I consider it rude.] So ended up getting the free trial which I am going to cancel soon anyway.

Now to the question. How do you all stop a pushy CSR without hanging up on them? I don't want to end up on customers_suck if I throw a bitch fit (har har), but at the same time, shouldn't a no really stop them the first time?

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