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Monday morning I go into work and find a voicemail on my phone, saying that they're calling for Debbie Gartner, are from United Title, and leave a number. Debbie's in another department, and has a similar extension - 278 vs 287. I pass the message on to her.

Tuesday morning, I get a call for her from United Title. I politely inform them that she's at extension 278, and transfer them over to her.

Wednesday afternoon, I get another call. I again inform them that she's at extension 278, not 287, and ask that they update the number for Debbie. I'm not sure if the woman understands exactly what I'm telling her ("you say she is no longer using this number? okay, when will she be using this number?"), but after repeating myself twice, I thought she got the message.

No call on Thursday.

Friday, I get a call at around 3:45, again asking for Debbie Gartner. At that point, I was frantically trying to write an enormous debit before the close of business so my controller wouldn't verbally rape me on Monday.

RB=Rude Bitch

M: APC, this is natsukaze
RB: Let me talk to Debbie Gartner. This is United Title.
M: ...*sigh* As I've mentioned before, she's not at this extension. Her extension is-
RB: No, you didn't tell ME before that this isn't her extension. If you had told ME then I wouldn't be calling you but you DIDN"T tell ME so all the huffin' and the puffin' in the world won't make a difference. *SLAM*
M: ....bitch!

That pissed me off. What kind of place of business calls another place of business and is rude when told they have a wrong number? I looked through my notes and found the number that was left on my voicemail on Monday, and dial it.

RB: United Title.
M: I'd like to speak with the department supervisor.
RB: *snotty voice* And just what exactly is this regarding?
M: This is regarding my request to speak with the department supervisor.
RB: Hold on. *drops the phone*
RB: *walking away* Jessicaaaaaaaa some rude-ass woman is DEMANDING to talk to youuuuuuu
M: *simmers*
S: You didn't even put her on hold? *picks up the phone* This is Jessica, a supervisor. May I help you?
M: Yes, I wanted to complain about rude treatment I received from a caller from United Title a few minutes ago. I believe it was the person that answered the phone when I called. Now, I've been getting calls for the past few days for Debbie Gartner. I've told the callers twice that [my number and extension] isn't correct, and that they should be calling [correct number]. A couple of minutes ago I got a call, again from United Title, again asking for Debbie Gartner. I started to explain that this wasn't the correct number, but the caller cut me off and very rudely told me that I hadn't told her, and that "all the huffin' and puffin' in the world won't make a difference", and she hung up on me. That is extremely rude and unprofessional behavior, especially when a place of business is calling someone else's place of business. What I would like you to do is a) not to call [my number and extension] again and b) update your files with Debbie's correct number, [correct number].
S: I apologize that this happened. So [correct number] is the right one?
M: Yes, it is.
S: I've updated it in our system, and again, I'm really sorry.
M: Thank you.

We'll see if I get a call on Monday.

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