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Theater Suckage

This happened quite a while ago...I believe my friend and I were about 13 or 14.

A friend and I went to the local theater to see a silly movie. A lot of people talked throughout the movie but nobody was terribly loud or disruptive...just a lot of mumbling. While still rude, that's to be expected when you're seeing a laugh-out-loud comedy, I think. My friend and I, however, never said a word. We laughed along to the jokes, sipped our expensive sodas, and enjoyed the movie.

Then an usher scared the bajeezus out of me by tapping my shoulder in the middle of the movie. He glared at us and hissed "IF YOU DO NOT STOP TALKING YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE." I whispered that we hadn't been talking at all. He said, "I'm not here to accuse anyone. Just...don't talk." And then he walked away.

After exchanging "WTF" looks with each other, my friend and I went back to watching the movie. Usherman never came back.

But as we were walking out of the theater another theater worker, a female one this time, grabbed my shoulder very hard and informed us that "If you disrupt this theater again you will both be banned." Well, my friend and I live in this town and weren't about to have our reputations tarnished. I explained that my friend and I hadn't said a word and that they must have made a mistake. I was very polite, especially considering that this woman had just mauled my shoulder with her steel grip of well-manicured doom.

A nice mom with a couple kids who had been sitting very near us - bless her heart - overheard the conversation with the female usher and told her that we had indeed not talked or been disruptive at all.

The female usher looked pissed but said "Okay. Fine." and didn't pursue it futher and we left the building and waited for my friend's dad to pick us up.

I was pretty pissed off that we were being treated like a couple of disruptive brats. I was about 13 or 14 at the time and didn't do anything, but if that happened to me now I think I would ask for a manager. Would you? I mean, this happened YEARS ago and it still pisses me off a bit. :/

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