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New here

If there is one thing I can't stand. It is bad service. Usually it doesn't bother me but this weekend I have had not one but two examples of bad service.

M: ME *waves*
H: Hubby
WA: WW associate.

WE go to a 24 hour wal-mart and wouldn't you know it.. They have wireless routers but not the ones that are nintendo compatable. Just because it says wi-fi doesn't mean that it will work and just because it is the same brand name, doesn't mean it will work.

H: *walking around eletronics with a confussed look*

M: *rolls eyes and takes him directly to the wireless routers*

H: Do any of them match?

M: We are looking for blah blah blah with product number blah blah blah. And no they don't have any of these.

H: *snatches paper very rudely from my hand and stomps off to associate* Do you have these in stock.

WA: Not sure let me check. *walks to DS supplies not even close to the router*

M: *rolls eyes again* Down here.

*WA and H walk over looking like lost kids*

WA.. I don't see these anywheres, what are these numbers.

M: *inwardly groaning* They are the product number

WA: What are you looking for?

H: We are looking for a wireless router that is wi-fi compatable.

WA: *picks up boxes trying to match product number* These are all wi-fi compatable

By this time I just want to slap the both of them.

M: Yes but are they Nintendo compatable?

WA: Come again

M: We are looking for one of those routers on that paper. The web site said they are compatable and the wal said you had them.

WA: We don't have these but this one *holds up box of same brand but diffrent product number* is almost the same number.

M: It won't work, the product numbers have to match.

H: Honey your the computer wiz in all of this.

WA: *looks at me, a female, in shock like he had been shot or something*

M: I know dear but it looks like they don't have the ones we need.

Then hubby and WA go into this long arse discussion which during this time I knew the WA didn't know a thing about WI-FI. I should have clued in whenever he went to the wrong place first and then had to question like 20 diffrent times.

H: What do you think Honey?

M: It won't work dear

WA: Well if it won't work you can bring it back for a refund blah blah blah. I am really sure it will work being the same brand. Your using it for a computer right.

M: No.. A nintendo DS system.

WA: Ah yes then it will work.

H: "*Puts in cart* Let's go dear.

M:*shaking head while in my mind saying it won't work you dumb arse*

It took us an additional day to even track down the right wireless router. Sometimes I hate being so computer savy.

We went through drive through last night and needless to say I will not be visiting that same restuarant again. I ordered a number three with lett. mayo, cheese, only and add bacon. We got down the road before I realized that

A: The burger wasn't compleately cooked.

B: It had ketchup and mustard on it

C: No bacon what so ever.

The fries were old and flimsy and cold.

They had everything shoved so hard down in the bag that I pretty much had to tear the bag to get the food out of it.

I mean just because it is almost closing time please don't rush through my order and screw it up. Also whenever we ask for biggy size please do that and not just the drinks.

Sometimes I even wonder why people stop at fast food.

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