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kitashla's post about Walmart oil changes reminded me of a really bad experience I had there.

I used to take my car for oil changes at Walmart. I had a low-paying job. I still have a low-paying job. It was the cheapest place in the area. Why not? I can remember this experience pretty damn clearly, as I remember being really upset about it. So I go on in and this is the basic conversation I had with the guy

Me: Plz be nice to my car!
Guy: I am old and pervy!

Me: Hi! I need to get my oil changed.
Guy: Okay then little lady. Let me send someone out there to check you in... I would, but I'm stuck in here... *starestare*
Me: Okay... *goes outside, some random guy comes in and checks in my car and tells me it will be 45 or so minutes, back inside*
Guy: How long is the wait now?
Me: *wondering why he didn't tell me there was a wait... obviously he knew there was some wait* 45 minutes or so.
Guy: Ooooooh... Are you going to stay heeeere and talk to me?
Me: I actually have to get some shopping done... going out of town tomorrow.
Guy: Too bad, I could use a pretty face!

So he's just creepy. He kept staring at me, asking me questions... I'm 17 at this point and look about 15. Yeehaw. I wander off into the massive mess that is Walmart. I got all the things I needed for my trip, and I noticed about an hour had passed. I forgot a few more things I needed, so I went back to get those. Now, about an hour and a half had passed. I didn't hear them call me back to the automotive department, so I figured maybe they needed more time. I went back anyway, and noticed my car wasn't anywhere to be seen. I started worrying. Where the hell was my car? Well... IT WAS STOLEN BY ONE OF THE WORKERS.

Just kidding, just kidding. That would be a great bad_service post. But no, my car was just parked in the back parking lot. So I mosey up to the counter and the creepy old guy with a staring problem is still there.

Guy: HEY SWEETHEART! Did you find everything you needed?
Me: Yeah... Did you guys call my car to tell me it was done?
Guy: Oh... shoot... It's been done for like an hour now! I forgot! HAHAAHAHAHAHA.
Me: ... Yeah... thanks. Can I pay now?
Guy: You don't wanna stay and keep me company? I could use a sweet face like yours to cheer me up.
Me: I just want to pay, now, and leave.
Guy: Come on!
Me: I want to talk to someone else now.
Guy: Why? I am the only one here!
Me: There are like 10 people outside and I bet one of them could ring me up... just call someone else
Guy: But whhhhyyy?
Me: You're creeping me out.
Guy: Aw, just cause I'm complimenting you? You're so cute! I never get to see any cute girls like you
Me: LOOK, just ring me up! I need to go.
Guy: Fine... but I'll see you later.

Then he winks... and ah. Just creepy.

At this point he was done ringing me up, but not done staring at me. I pushed my cart out the door quickly, unloaded my car and got out of there. I drove home, unloaded. Everything seemed normal. The next morning before my trip my brother realized that something was leaking from my car. He popped the hood and something was missing. My oil cap. At this point, my brother took over and called Walmart. They said they remembered after I left that they forgot to put my oil cap back on. My brother asked, "Why didn't you call? You had her phone number!" The guy on the other line laughed and said, "Oh yeah! Let me go look for it". According to him, even though they knew it was my car, and had my phone number, they threw it away. After that, I had to order a new oil cap for my car, get my entire engine cleaned out. I had to practically force Walmart to pay for it, and give me a refund. They said, "Well you paid for a job, we did the job... yeah... we forgot your oil cap but..." But nothing. I've never gone back. The low price isn't worth that.

I have actually gone back to shop at that Walmart, and I found out that less than a month after this incident, their entire auto crew was fired. Apparently 10 or more women complained about being sexually harassed by different members of the crew, and they were doing a lot of things like screwing up parts in people's engines, having to give way too many refunds for bad jobs. I heard this from a friend who worked there and one of my friends who got hired as a new crew member.

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