gooberskweek (gooberskweek) wrote in bad_service,

Update to this post.

I got my (crappy) xrays from the old dentist for $25. I went in and met my new dentist yesterday. He reminds me very much of the dentist I used to have back home. It's a very wonderful thing. Anyway, long story short- he commented on the crappy quality of the xrays from the other office. He also commented about my weird baby tooth that I still have and the fact that I only have 2 wisdom teeth. He also told me I need to wear my retainer more often, but I already knew that. I go in on monday to get my cavity filled. He said it's so small that it'll be no problem to use the laser rather than a traditional drill. I'm really happy about that. I hate shots and was dreading needing local anesthetic. The super nice front office lady at the new office scheduled me in with their best hygenist so that I can get a really good cleaning. I was supposed to get a cleaning in March, and I won't actually get it until May 2nd, but I'm happy to wait since I'll be getting so much better service.

Thanks for all the comments and help on the last post. It pretty much seems that the whole dental community here in town knows about what's going on at the old office, but there isn't really anything that can be done about it.
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