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Bad, but funny

This qualifies for bad service, but I wasn't really bothered by it. In fact, I was trying not to laugh, because it was so bad that it was funny. Even though I'm not upset or unhappy, I thought I'd share it with you.

I just called in a to-go order at our local Azteca Mexican Restaurant. I order out from them frequently, so I'm old hat at delivering my order clearly. Unfortunately, sometimes their employees aren't very good on the phone or struggle with the register, and things get muddled. Since this too is pretty frequent, I'm used to it and handle it patiently. ^_^ This is probably the worst it's ever been.

Me: That's me!
Her: The girl who took my order over the phone.

Me: Hi, I'd like to place an order to go.
Her: Okay. Go ahead.
Me: I'd like a ground beef enchilada with a chicken chimichanga--
Her: Oh, wait, is this a meal...?
Me: Yes, sorry. That's a grande meal (the name of it on the menu).
Her: Okay, a grande meal.
Me: Right.
Her: Okay.
Me: ... okay, so the first meal was a ground beef enchilada and a chicken chimichanga.
Her: Chicken chimichanga.
Me: Yes.
Her: And?
Me: ... and a ground beef enchilada.
Her: Okay, so I have a chicken chimichanga and a...?
Me: Ground beef enchilada.
Her: Okay, a ground beef enchilada and a chicken...
Me: Chimichanga.
Her: And that's a grande meal.
Me: Yes.
Her: Is that all?
Me: No, there's going to be three grande meals.
Her: Oh. *silence as she fiddles with something*
Her: Okay, the first meal was a chicken enchilada--
Me: No, it was a chicken chimichanga and a ground beef enchilada.
Her: A chicken chimichanga and an enchilada...
Me: Ground beef.
Her: Okay. The next one?

(I'm barely holding in the laughter at this point. My mother is holding her head in her hands groaning as she listens to my side of the conversation.)

Me: The second meal is a chili colorado enchilada--
Her: An enchilada what?
Me: Chili colorado.
Her: Okay.
Me: So that's a chili colorado enchilada and a chicken enchilada.
Her: A chicken colorado--
Me: No, I'm sorry, that's a chili colorado enchilada, and a chicken enchilada.
Her: Okay, so a ... wait, is the chicken a chimichanga?
Me: O_O No, that's an enchilada.
Her: Then the--
Me: They're both enchiladas. The chimichanga was in the first meal.
Her: Oh, okay. Both enchiladas. Next?

(By this time, I decide NOT to specify rancho beans on that instead of the regular refries, because I didn't think she could handle it XD)

Me: The third meal is two chicken enchiladas.
Her: Both enchiladas?
Me: ... yes.
Her: And they're what?
Me: Chicken.
Her: Okay. Thanks.
Me: Right. *waiting for the total, and the time*
Her: Oh, that'll be about ten to fifteen minutes.
Me: Okay.
Her: Oh, and you know this is the Everett Mall location, right?
Me: Yes.
Her: Okay, cool. *laughs, hangs up*

My dad went to pick it up with instructions to go through the order while he was there just to be sure.


ETA: Okay, there was nowhere he could check the food in the restaurant as there was a line of people, so he chanced it. And sure enough, the order was wrong. The first meal ended up being a chicken chimichanga and a chili colorado enchilada. The second ended up being two chili colorado enchiladas. XD Good thing we like 'em all and don't mind eating that.
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