Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

WalMart Strikes Again

Last night my husband went to WalMart to get his oil changed as it was the only place still open after he got off work. Normally he changes it himself, but he just hasn't had time lately.

They inform him that they're a bit backed up so it might take awhile. My husband was fine with this.

He gives them his car and then proceeds to do his Easter shopping (my husband is responsible for the Easter bunny in our house). He waits for about an hour, pays for his stuff and then heads back over to the automotive department. He sits there for about 15 minutes and sees his car finally in the dock ready to be serviced. One of the guys takes a look at it and waves the car back out. He comes in to my husband to tell him that they can't change his oil because they have run out of the oil filter necessary for his car.

He then tells him that he doesn't know why they didn't figure that out in the beginning because they've been out of that oil filter for 2 days.

My husband asks him if they can change his oil if he provides the filter. He was leaving for Ohio this morning with our youngest child in tow and he likes to make sure the car is fully serviced before a long drive. The guys tell him that won't be a problem.

So, he heads out to Autozone and buy's the $5 oil filter he needs. Brings it back and is put at the back of the line again. Another hour or so later his car is finally done. Now you would think they would knock off the price of the filter at least. Or something for wasting his time the first time around.

Yeah, they knocked it off a $1. Their argument was that $1 is all the filter they usually use costs. (If that's so there is no way we're bringing the car BACK there for an oil change.)

Three hours later, he was finally out of WalMart.

Okay, so it's not terrible service but annoying service. It still kind of rubbed me the wrong way.
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