Jennifer M (constance1010) wrote in bad_service,
Jennifer M

Copied from my personal journal as a suggestion from someone else...

I decide that I am starving and REALLY want some orange juice. So. I stop at Burger King right by my house. I go through the drive through... wait 7 minutes to even get to the speaker (2 cars infront of me) and then order my breakfast. Sausage, egg and cheese Croissan'which and an orange juice with a large cup of ice. The rude lady in the box says back that I can get a small up of ice. I say.. fine as long as it will fit the juice. I really like my OJ cut with ice to water it down and make it really cold. She says something I cant understand and then asks me to repeat my order. I repeat it and drive up to the window. She takes my money and then hands me my sandwhich and then the OJ carton and then a small cup. I ask if its possible to get a medium cup with ice in it. She then gives me some lecture about how I am not even supposed to be getting a small cup as their cups of ice are usually done in kids cups. I am like.. OK.. I just want a cup that I can drink my OJ out of. She goes off about how I will have to pay for the larger cup. (Mind you I am still at the window with a line of cars behind me) I say.. FINE.. I will pay. How much is it. She goes off to tell me that she has to pay for the cups and that she cant give me a larger cup. I am like.. I WILL PAY FOR THE CUP. I just want to drink my OJ cold. She says fine and then looks at me... How much is the cup? Oh.. 20 or 40 cents. FINE... I give her a quarter and ask for her name and the name of her boss. She tells me that she doesnt have to give me her name and she IS the manager. I ask her the name of the GM and she says she is the GM. I ask again for her name and she doesnt tell me. I finally say.. fine. I will contact the regional manager, can I please have my cup of ice so I can leave and you can serve the line of cars behind me? I dont appreciate having you yell and give me attitude about a 20 cent cup of ice while you waste my time and the time of these people behind me in the drive thru. She yells that she doesnt have an attitude. I take my cup of ice from her and then drive off on my way. Fuck you clown shoes.

I get down the road and realize that on the ticket there is a phone number for the store. I call that number and ask the woman who answers (NOT the same woman) for the name of the GM. She goes, "Oh.. you must be the lady that just left the drive thru." I was like "Yep". She told me the managers name was (edit).. and spelled it out for me. I called the toll free number on the receipt and got a survey. BOY did I let them have it. I will be calling and getting the regionals information later today. NO one should be treated like that over a cup of ice. Its not like I wanted the cup for free. I was willing to pay the 20 cents and she STILL argued with me about it.

For the record: The location is as follows:

Burger King 2993
9031 Old Dixie Highway
Lake Park, FL 33403 US
Phone: (561) 842-0699
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