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What do I do? Anything?

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she said she would call a prescription in for me and I could pick it up in 24-48 hours. I said ok-and couldnt get to the pharmacy until today at about 10. No call, no voicemail. They said this specific doctor hasnt even called the pharmacy in a long time. Obviously they cannot fill my prescription. I call the doctor's office and go through an hour and a half of being hung up on, transferred, people acting like Im crazy, etc... until finally a receptionist tells me that I need to speak to my doctor's head nurse-I get voicemail and leave a message with my information and explaining what happened. At the end, it says please wait 72 hours for us to get your message. 72 hours?!?!
Now I am concerned that I wont get my prescription in time and I will run out :( Before anyone jumps in shrieking that I shouldnt let it get down to the wire, I have enough for a week more starting today. But I am thinking...if they dont even get that message Monday or Tuesday...and then another few days to call it in/get it filled...or if I need to do something else next week (Now Im assuming they are all incompetent boobs and I will have to rattle the chains to get anything done)...its within the realm of possibility that I may not by next Friday.
Is there anything I can do? I want a REAL person, but they keep on saying I have to go through the head nurse and she only has a voicemail-I cant even get through to my doctor! The office is located a good 45 minutes away so I dont really want to go back...but will I have to? Or should I just wait and see if its finally called in...or call back on Monday...

Oddly enough, this is my anxiety/depression/panic medicine and this entire situation is making it even worse-and the fact that Im going home this weekend and my parents will comment on my lack of a future and how Ive gained weight and I will get suicidal especially thinking about coming back on Monday and going through another hour and a half of talking to rude idiots when trying to accomplish something that sounds, to me, relatively simple. You said you would call my prescription in. Call it in. Didnt do it? Do it now. Seriously, this is what doctor's DO!

**deep breaths**

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