Just going through life, trying to survive. (calandria) wrote in bad_service,
Just going through life, trying to survive.

Sucky service at The Bon/Macy's

(Post from my personal LJ - I just found this community and wanted to share. This happened about a year ago)

So, recently my company decided that they don't like us wearing jeans anymore, and they want us to dress "business casual."

Because I have been at this place for about 2 years now, this means that all of my former dress clothes are not fit to wear any longer. I had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.

Walked through the mall, trying to find things that I could stand, and that fit (which being 6'1" tall it's really hard to find slacks in my size) Went to a few different stores, and the figured, what the heck - I'll go into the Bon.

I went into the section that would have such clothing, waited several minutes hoping that the salesperson would talk to me - I was standing right in front of her, and I know she saw me. After several minutes, I said excuse me, and asked her if they had any slacks for tall women.

She got this look on her face as though she would rather be doing anything else other than talking to me and proceeded to say "Well, we do have some things, but I'm sure they aren't in your price range" then turned around and walked away.

I couldn't believe someone could be that awful. I mean yeah, I wore jeans and a sweatshirt, and didn't wear any make up, but that does not excuse how she treated me.

I proceeded to burst into tears and run from the store. (Not a normal reaction from me, but I'm always on edge in malls - I feel so out of place, and out of my element. Throw into that mix the fact that I'm feeling rather....hormonal lately, and it turned me into an emotional time-bomb)

I found what I needed elsewhere, but unfortunately I didn't recall the scene in "Pretty Woman" till after I was all the way back at home. It would have been wonderful to go and shake my bags in her face and tell her just how much commission she missed out on.
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