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Dear grocery-store cashier,

I am not a demanding customer. I've done the job you do, and expect far less of you than I myself did in the job. I ask only that you are polite and exercise common sense in the handling and bagging of my groceries.

I guess that last was too hard for you.

Yes, the bagger was being an ass and wouldn't come bag. Yes, I had a big order (I ought to know, since I bagged most of it myself).


In such a situation, your customer may have a package of raw meat (like, say, chicken), which has germs that can make your customer sick and die so your store never gets any more of their money. The intelligent thing to do in that case is to put that item into a bag by itself so it doesn't touch foods that don't get cooked, (like perhaps, cereal and lunch meat?) This takes about .02 seconds and avoids much nastiness.

The really stupid thing to do is chuck the chicken onto the counter and then proceed to throw lots of stuff heedlessly on top of it.

Rice Krispies, side of salmonella!

Thank you for showing me that even the lowest standards can be broken by a truly talented moron.

No love,
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