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UPDATE to the "am i gonna have to choke a federal employee?" situation

thanks all!!

this is the letter i received today from my congressman's office

Dear Representative [my congressman]:

This is in respone to your inquiry, on behalf of your constituent, Ms. [stagger_lee77], a former member of the U.S. Army, concerning incorrect payment of disability severance pay.

Upon review of Ms. [stagger_lee77]'s military pay account we determined she is entitled to disability severance pay in the total amount of Y. An intial payment in the amount of Z, for disability severance pay was included in Ms. [stagger_lee77]'s final pay on December 20, 2005. Ms. [stagger_lee77] was due a supplemental disability severance payment in the amount of Y-Z, minus Federal withholding and state withholding. A check in the amount of Y-Z was deposited in Ms. [stagger_lee77]'s bank account at So and So Bank on March 31, 2006. A total of Y for disability severance pay was paid to Ms. [stagger_lee77].

We apologze for any inconvience or hardship this cause Ms. [stagger_lee77]. If futher information is required, Ms. [stagger_lee77] may call our customer service representatives...

maybe i'm still a bit irate at having to go through all of this, but i was never given any information about a "supplemental disability payment." EVER. fort stewart basically told me to pop shove it when i asked about the rest of my money. i'm happy that i got the money, but i'm still bothered by the fact that i had to file a congressional complaint. i feel like i'm reading way too much into this letter, but it sounds like i wouldn't have ever got the money if i hadn't complained.

so to all that had helpful suggestions, thank you.
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