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Telephone service...

Greetings first post here!

I recently started having home phone problems back in the last week of March. I called the telephone company and go through all their automated bull to get someone to fix the problem. I figured after the first phone call, they would get right on it and have it fixed. Boy, I was wrong.

Last Friday I was able to talk with a real live person and explained my problem of not having a dial tone from time to time, noises on the line and such. I also told the woman that if I didn't recently get a cellphone and I had an emergency, I would be in some serious trouble living out in BFE.

Are you calling from the phone now? Um, no. I just told you that I haven't had a dial tone for over an hour now.

I get a callback on Saturday from their computer system saying that it was a problem in the office and it was all fixed. Pfffffffft!!

I ended up calling once again yesterday, complained loudly that the fix wasn't really a fix. This time the woman opened up my records and told me that I have called 5 times in the last 3 weeks and that the problem was fixed already. She then said that the problem was probably inside my house and it would cost me $50 bucks per half hour for one of their techs to fix. I begged to differ and told her to run a check on my lines.

Oh, my. I guess there is a problem with the line. I'm showing a compression problem...blah blah blah. I'll have a tech come out and check the outside lines between 8am-8pm. Fine, fine just as long as I can have my poor phone back!

I just got a callback saying there was a wire problem this time and it was fixed.

I do hope so, I'm wasting all my cell minutes on calling a damn computer to report a problem.
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