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I was reminded of this incident with the pizza/wing tale. I love to tell this story but I've never told it here so . . . We were at Jack in the Box waiting for our order to be called. They called a number but I couldn't hear it clearly. I asked my husband if it was ours but someone else had already got up and took the food so we assumed it wasn't. It was odd because we were there before them but that happens sometimes, so OK. Meanwhile the people that took the food are munching on the fries and opening the sandwiches when they start to realize it's not their food. We're talking unwrap the sandwich and then lifting up the bun to see if it's what you ordered. So I am starting to figure out by watching them that they have our food. As they walk up to the front, I follow. I ask the guy behind the counter if that was my order. He says, yes it was here you go and hands me the food! I said, UhhhhhNO. Then dumbass asks me if there is a problem. I said, well, you mean other than the fact that they ate half the fries before they brought the food back and pawed through all of the sandwiches? Meanwhile, the person who took my food is looking at me all indignantly. Sorry, dude, I don't care how clean you think you are, I ain't eating that food. So the counter guy gets all huffy and says, fine, we'll make it again. Ya think?
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