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Subway Bad Service

Dear Subway worker;

When I walked up to the food court in my school's Student Union yesterday, I saw you chatting on your cell phone. Expecting the usually stellar service I receive from this particular subway, I stood patiently, waiting for you to finish your phone call. I understand, it's Sunday. There's nobody around, but you still have to be here, working. Sucks, I know, but at least you're getting paid.

For your future reference, glaring at me like I'm the one being rude is not appropriate behavior. I waited for you to hang up for a good three or four minutes. You continued talking, rolling your eyes, and ignoring me except for those wonderful exasperated looks. Yes. I expect you to hang up your cell phone, and make me a sandwich. Because thats what you're being paid to do. It will not kill you to hang up for the five minutes or less it would have taken for you to make me a sandwich and send me on my merry way.

Wendy's got me my food in less than the time I spent waiting on you, and it came with a friendly chat with the manager and extra ketchup.

You suck.

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