Cimry (cimry) wrote in bad_service,

The Dentist

First post here...umm..yayy?

I have bad teeth. I know I have bad teeth, the blood from my gums when I brush them in the morning is a bit of a clue. Unfortunately, I don't have dental insurance, and teeth are hella expensive to be messed with. I also suffer from pretty severe dental phobia, as in, I'd rather take a bath in a tub full of snakes and spiders than go to the dentist.

Last week, one of my teeth demanded my attention, forcefully, saying "hey you" with a sensation similar to an icepick jabbing up into my skull, yea, not pleasant. I didn't sleep pretty much for two days until the Dr I work with took pity on me and gave me a small Vicodin scrip (when I got home and took it I slept for 14 hours...wheee)

Today, I decided to break down and call a dentist *shudder* the pain has been so bad I can't live with it, and the tooth is not obliging me by the nerve dying. Stupid tooth.

So I made an appointment, and went to the dentist, I was in tears in the parking lot. I really really don't like dentist offices. I went in, the office staff was very nice, the Dental Hygenist was very nice the dentist...was a dick. He rose to amazing levels of dickitude in the short time I saw him. At first he was just a normal mean dentist, ok, I could deal with that, but then he found out I worked at OMGWTFBBQ!! an abortion clinic (insert drum roll here).

Apparently, this dentist is not of the pro-choice persuasion, because after he found out what I did for a living he became Asshole of the Year. He was mean, managed to imply that I had bad moral character just because I have bad teeth (WTF?) and was just generally all around a miserable human being.

He said I had two choices, get it pulled, or get a root canal and crown. Getting it pulled would be around $200, getting the root canal would be around $1700. Lets see...which am I gonna chose?

When I told him I could not afford the root canal and just wanted it ripped out of my head so it wouldn't hurt any more, I was told they don't do extractions at that office (??) and that he would have to refer me elsewhere.

So I now have an appointment for monday the 24th *cries* but am also on the cancellation list. Fortunately I have enough Ibuprophin and Vicodin to get me to the 24th.

I did make sure to ask the receptionist at the new dentist if he was nice or not, and when she asked why I told her...she said that it was kinda odd, because the asshole dentist usually dosen't refer people to them.

I'm still unbelievably angry...I think i'm going to go and cuddle kitties, that usually makes me feel better.

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