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The sky is falling!

No seriously.

Background: Half a year or so ago (well, almost a year now that it's coming on summer), we had our roof re done in the back bedroom (a room we built, note that). The guy was an ass THEN, and since I was stuck home all day, he was mostly an ass to me (told me I was seducing young boys online or whatever...which didn't bug me but bugged the hell out of my mother when I told her). Not only that, but we were not paying for it, but another company was via a low income housing thing (he also fixed out sink...which hasn't worked right since).

So all in all we were quite happy to be done with him when we finished the repairs and he was out of our lives.

Cue to

It's now March/April, almost a year since Contractor of Doom fixed the repairs in our house. We put up with the sink (and toilet also) that don't work right ever since he touched them. But this March we got a shock of heavy snow storms here in Southorn Oregon and I noticed something rather odd when I went into Mum's room, which is in the back bedroom.

I got dripped on.

Turns out, genius Contractor of Doom's cealing, is leaking. And I "know" it's his section as, it's tripping at the SEAMS of what he replaced. You can literally see it along where the seams are.

So we call him up and he comes out, looks at it and says, "It's not leaking."

Now yes, it was sunny and bright when he finally showed up so at that MOMENT it wasn't leaking, but the roof leaks dude. Sadly I couldn't smack him because I was asleep.

Cut to April, when we get rain...and it's leaking MORE, with little bubbles and everything, meaning our roof is being filled with water and sagging.

We call him out AGAIN and this time he concides that the roof is leaking...but it's not HIS fault. It just happens to be leaning right where he worked.

So he throws a tarp over our roof and calls it a done deal.

We call the other place that actually paid him and they take his assessment over ours and tell us to call another roofing company and get it done.

I'm eating top ramen because I can't afford anything more then a buck (love top ramen though so no big). We can't afford to call another roofing guy because YOUR guy fucked up, lady.

So now we get to live with a tarp over our back room, which faces the street, and hope it doesn't blow away the next storm and actually cave that roof in.

Bad Service: Not putting the roof in right so that it was leaking at the cracks (Yes the water may be coming in but it's still DRIPPING WHERE YOU FIXED! Telling us it wasn't leaking (I will concede it wasn't leaking that second, but you SAW the bucket of water and wet towels to clean it up, take a clue dude), being an ass to me for the second time when I got you out.

Good Service: Coming out at nine pm to look at it. That was nice, but you were an ass when you arrived so it's actually mediocre service.

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