Carolee (pixie__dusted) wrote in bad_service,

Tonight, a bunch of girl friends and I (we're all around 15-16 years old) were going to a local concert and we were hungry, so we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant beforehand. We had about two hours, so we figured it would be okay.


We get there and it takes almost half an hour for us to get seated. I know we were a big group, but COME ON. They were seating other people who came in after us.

When we finally are seated, we order and sit back and wait. One of us has ordered a salad, which comes first. She eats us.

And we wait. And wait. And wait more.

About an hour had passed now, and we were going to be late to our concert if we waited any longer, so we decided to just leave money for the one girl's salad (we were all drinking water) and leave.

We left a $5 bill on the table (the girl's salad was $3) and left. We were about a block down the street when the restaurant man comes CHASING us down the road, telling us we have to pay. We tell him that we didn't get any food so we don't have to. He says that the owner of the business is threatening to call the police if we don't come back and pay.

So we all go back inside. Miraculously our food has arrived within thirty seconds of us leaving. We have to pay anyway, so we take our food inside a million to-go boxes. We ended up eating it with our hands, running down the street to our concert.

I have to go scratch that off of the list of places I will EVER go to again..


Okay. I realize now that expecting to be seated with such a large group quickly was stupid, and walking out without saying anything was wrong.

However, some of you must SERIOUSLY have some issues. Apparently, because I was a shitty customer once, I:

1. Am a brat.
2. Am an entitlement whore.
3. Have not hit puberty.
4. Am not "off my mother's tit".
5. Giggle about the OC!?(Which I have never even seen. Not that it matters.)
6. Have no idea how anything in the real world works and I need to stay home for the rest of my life.

Obviously there are bunches of you bored enough to make personal attacks against people on LJ who you have never met.
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