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Our saga starts several days before Christmas in 2004 when the Mr and I decide to buy ourselves a big-screen TV. Armed with dimensions for the entertainment center we'd only had for less than a year, we went shopping around. Then we found a television that would fit PERFECTLY in our cabinet. It is made by Toshiba, is HD-DLP, and was on sale for $1995. That is a really good price for something of this nature. And, knowing this was a hefty chunk of change for us, we bought the three-year extended warranty to cover our butts.

A black bar appears down the right-hand side of the screen which causes that whole section of picture to be darkened. I call the warranty people and they put me in touch with Ak-Sar-Ben TV and Digital. (The only people in this whole farce with whom I hold no malice) Since it's just before Superbowl weekend we schedule for them to pick my TV up the following Monday. And the black bar, over the course of two days, spreads across 80% of my television screen.

My TV is picked up. Later on, I get a call that Toshiba has the part on back-order and it would be a month before the repair will be done. Sucks. But I can cope.

Cut to one month later. I call and am told that Toshiba still has the part on back-order. Ak-Sar-Ben gives me Toshiba's phone number and I call them. The tell me that they'll see what they can do, but that the part currently won't be available until EARLY APRIL... maybe.

I call Ak-Sar-Ben back and they give me the contact information to Assurance Warranty, the extended warranty provider. I call them and explain the situation. THEY tell me that there's NOTHING they will do since the part is on back-order and thus technically 'available'.

I wait.

Tuesday I call Ak-Sar-Ben and they say the part is due to arrive the next day. I hear nothing so today I call back again. They contact Toshiba... who tells them that the part won't be available for ANOTHER FRICKIN' MONTH!!! (Maybe) So I call the warranty people and they give me the whole song and dance about how their hands are tied. (Blow me!) And how they can extend my warranty for however long it takes minus 30 days. (Blow me twiceover!)

My next avenue of attack is that I am going to go to the store I purchased the television from, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and ask them what good their frickin' warranty is if I'm deprived of the product for months and months. With no end in sight.

And what is the deal with Toshiba where they have a countrywide shortage of a certain part? What does that say about their product? Was it a defect in that model television or are they having problems with the part manufacturer?

And WHY won't they replace the television? The part costs $1200. Just $795 less than the purchase price of the unit!!! And do I WANT them to replace the whole unit if in a year and a month the same part may go out?

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