Cara (notahat) wrote in bad_service,

My apartment is a magnet for bad service

As the title says, my apartment is a bad service magnet. I live just inside the city of Baltimore, Maryland... like literally, less than a mile away from the nearest suburb. This is not a happy place to be.

First of all, I can't get a pizza delivered. Even though I'm a mile away from the nearest Papa John's, because I'm "in the city" (even though it's very suburban here), they won't deliver. o.O It is a largely black neighborhood (I'm one of like three white people in the apartment complex of several hundred), so I have to wonder if that has something to do with it. Either way, it's not cool.

But I can live without a pizza.

Maitenance in my apartment complex really isn't the best. When I moved in, the air conditioner didn't work (I have central air). I called maitenance right away, but it took them a couple days to fix it. Meanwhile, it was 80-85 degrees (Fareheit) in here the whole time--opening the windows didn't help, because it was summer. Yech.

Other times, maitenance takes a few days to fix something... at one point, the bathtub in the apartment above mine was leaking through the ceiling. It took maitenance a day to come over and stop the water from leaking. They looked at my ceiling (which was kinda soggy, as you can imagine) and said, "We'll come back and fix that next week." (Why not fix it NOW while you're here? o.O) They never did come back, even though I called them back about it a couple of times... I just hope the ceiling doesn't cave in, heh.

Also, in the first month I moved in, the electricity went crazy. My boyfriend plugged his computer and the TV into the same power outlet. Normally, this would be ok--I mean, it's been ok at every other place we've lived. Here, though... whenever we ran the microwave while both the computer and TV were plugged in, the power would cut out. This went on for a full weekend. We called maitenance the first time it went out, and no one picked up, so we left a message... an hour later, a maitenance guy from another apartment complex called us back to tell us that all the maitenance people had left for the weekend, and he'd try to help, but he didn't have keys to all of the apartment buildings in my complex. o.O I have to wonder what my apartment manager expected us to do if we had a real emergency, if there were no maitenance guys and the substitute maitenance guy didn't have keys to the place. But anyway, this went on for the weekend; the power would go out, we'd call maitenance, the guy would show up an hour later. On Monday, maitenance finally replaced the circuit breaker, and things have been mostly ok since.

Except, the electricty in the neighborhood still cuts out about once a month. Stupid BGE. It's only kind of annoying, but I've had to stop buying frozen foods, because the food kept getting freezer burnt from the repeated thawing and refreezing.

Comcast also sucks in this area. Last month, my internet started acting wierd... it'd work for a couple hours, then be out for a day, then work for a couple hours, etc. After a week of this (I wasn't home all that much that week, so it was only midly annoying) I called Comcast, and they couldn't send me a technician until three days later (grr). The technician came at the very end of the two-hour window (I had to wait at home ALL DAY for him to show up), only to tell me that there was an outage in my area. And it had been going for two full weeks. And it still wasn't fixed. o.O I still have problems now (today, in fact) with the internet. I don't really understand how it could be out for SO LONG in a major US city... I could understand if I was somewhere rural, but a lot of people live here, and a lot of them use the internet. I also don't see why they couldn't just tell me that over the phone instead of making wait at home all day for a technician that couldn't help me. :-P I really do need the internet for school, so this makes it hard to get my homework done for my online courses.

But, the kicker for me was when the water stopped working. I paid all my bills on time, and there was no reason for it to stop... it just did. I had no running water for 12 hours one day a couple of weeks ago. That just wasn't ok. I have three young cats that have a constant supply of... erm, deposits... that need to be flushed away. No toilet==VERY smelly apartment. Gah. I called maitenance immediately when the water shut off, got the machine... six hours later, I still had not heard from them. So, I called back and left another message. The maitenance guy finally got back to me half an hour later, and told me (in a VERY quiet, mumbling voice, as if he'd just woken up and was trying not to wake someone else up) that there was a water break and he didn't know when it'd be fixed. I had to make him repeat himself several times because I could not hear him. o.O The water finally came back siz hours or so later, but it was so FRUSTRATING to not be able to get ahold of anyone to let me know what was wrong with the water (the wated company was conveniently closed). Grr.

As you may have gathered, I'm moving out next month as soon as my lease is up. I want to move somewhere where I can at least get utilities that consistently work. Gah.
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