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Bad/Good Service, and a question.

Ok, this particular story is about a co-worker of mine. Me personally I get great service from the company.

My co-worker and I are both members of, we have similar taste in games and at time have mailed our games from the same mailbox at the same exact time. Yes this all has a point.

If we both drop our disks in on a Wed, I'll have my new game that following Monday. He how ever will not have his for another week or more. He cancelled and complained about this. They sent him all those "We have fixed the problem, please come back" E-mails. So he signs back up. It takes them 3 days to send out his first shipment.

My question is about Netflix. Occasionally they will send me random things from my list. Like my top ten picks will all say Now under avaliblity. But they will send me #35. I'm not annoyed enough to drop the service, but I'd like to email them and ask them why. But I can't find their complaint e-mail, can anyone help?
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