An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote in bad_service,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Follow up to a complaint

Follow up post for this entry about my bad service at Kinko's, I called the Kinko's hotline number provided by dennisthetiger and proceeded to tell the representative, in detail, exactly what happened. I think she misunderstood me when I said that I'm short, she thinks I'm a midget, and thus I worry that maybe she went and asked those employees if a midget came in asking for some jpeg printouts...

But anyways, I told her the whole story, she thought that the $15 image conversion fee was indeed, way too expensive and that the manager shouldn't berate his employees in front of the customers and that he should have "known better" , and that they were obviously actling like they didn't want to help me for some reason and that I had every right to complain. She said that she will notify the District Manager for that particular location and she asked if I would like to be contacted with a follow up. I said yes of course, and gave my number. So far nothing...but I doubt they would call me back anyhow.

Then today I went to Staples and got my copies done (because, believe it or not , the Office Max I attempted to place my order at's computer went down, making Staples the 4th copy shop I tried) completed my order for UNDER the cost of ONE Kinko's image conversion fee, perfect color, perfect service, I left all smiles.

...and just to spite them I went to a Kinkos (not the same one unfortunately, wasn't on my way) to use their papercutter. without buying anything. Just to spite them >:)

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