Becs (aikiariyen) wrote in bad_service,

So. I'm not entirely sure if this is bad_service or coworkers_suck, but anyway.

I worked at a place for 2 weeks before my uni schedule was changed and I could no longer work the hours required of me (4 hrs 3 consecutive days a week. I could still do 3 days but not consecutively and I can remember in the time I was there a coworker being fired because of the same thing, lack of flexibility much?). I requested my final pay in my resignation letter. Here, the law states that final payments must be made within three working days of termination of employment. Come this week I still hadn't received the pay, so I wrote a letter stating the various legislations that said I have to have been paid by 3 weeks ago, no matter what. I got a call from the lady in payroll today, who had gotten my letter (it was addressed to her, not my former manager - former manager I have tried to contact via phone during her working hours and I'm always told she's not available, so I figured I'd go straight to the ones who are supposed to pay me). Anyhow, she was calling to get all the details I had supplied at the commencement of employment. The reason? She'd never received them from my manager, nor had she received my clock in-clock out card either (instead of a timesheet). She was, understandably, as pissed off as me. She made special effort to get the money into my account today, and even had the company pay for quick clearance. She was so apologetic, and was even going to report the manager to the upper management, although she was pretty certain nothing would happen because she's related to one of them and dating another, so she's pretty much untouchable. She asked where I was working now (I said nowhere, getting Austudy and ended up picking up an extra subject) because she's considering leaving.

It just really pissed me off, the lack of regard this manager has for her staff, and the staff in other departments. I mean, the reason I was concerned about the money is because I need it before my 21st which is next weekend and I have to buy massive amounts of food. *sigh* I just didn't need the added stress on top of midsemesters and organisation issues (why oh why do people not RSVP even though it's stated they must... and then tell me 2 weeks after it that they're coming?)

Edit: Pay came through today and there's more than there's supposed to be. I worked it out, and the cashier paid me on the rate that I technically shouldn't be getting until next monday. I <3 her.
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