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Home Depot woes

i almost forgot this one!

here in lovely sunny California we are on STORM WATCH OF DOOOOOOM 2006. okay it's more like spring rainy season but fellow southern Californians will know how much drama the LA media likes to make of said season. XD

a bit of background on me - now normally i LOVE the rain. however when my window frame (this is important) in my bedroom (the window is above my bed) leaks then i cannot sit and enjoy the drumming of rain on a metal roof. i go into panic and upset mode, to say the least.

it was too late for my dad to come over (he owns this place, i'm buying it from him) so he told me to go to home depot, buy necessary stuff and he would pay me back (since it can be written off on taxes).

so i hurry over to the local pain in the ass Home Depot. i went there once just looking and their craptastic service annoyed me no end but that's another story.

halfway there i remembered a product my best friend's hubby (JJ is Mr. Fix It) had talked about using to patch a leak when it's wet--inside or fact had done it on the roof out in a pouring deluge: Henry's rubberized patch.

me: stress!
LG: lazy girl, college aged
BE: bitch employee, middle aged woman
M: employee named Mark, who actually helped me

i zoom in and hurry to the customer service desk where LG and BE are talking. both are sitting, doing absolutely nothing.

me: hi, i have a leaking window frame and i need to know where i can get a product they call rubberized patch. i think it's made by a company called Henry's?
LG: rubberized patch?
me: yea
LG: there's no such thing here. :turns to BE: have you heard of something called rubberized patch to fix windows?
BE: no, there isn't any such product.
me: my best friend's husband told me to get it from here. he's a regular customer.
BE: i told you there's no such thing. especially to fix windows.
me: [and here i might have been a little bit sucky customer, i admit] then why was i told this by someone who shops here regularly that this is where to get it? i'd really like to fix my window frame before the next storm blows in tomorrow.
BE: i don't know, but there is no such thing. and you wouldn't want to put anything on glass--you'd never get it off.
me: :aggravated: then is there someone here who CAN help me??
LG: :roll of eyes: let me call so and so. MAYBE he knows of something like that.... :reaches for the phone as if it will cost her her life:

i said WINDOW FRAME, YOU IDIOT, NOT MY WINDOW. asldjflskajflsjkfls <--- me trying not to swear.

:after LG spends a min on the phone:
LG: go back to lumber. Mark is back there and he can help you. :turns her back on me without even caring if i have any other questions:
me: where IS lumber? i don't know the layout in here.
BE: :flinging a hand to the right: that way.

ugggh. so i tromp back to lumber. after looking round and round, i bump into this Mark. who is a total 180 of the bitches at the "service" desk. he has indeed heard of Henry's rubberized patch, gives me an alternative Henry's product in a tube (since i didn't need 5 gallon[!] buckets), then offers to walk with me to find the caulking guns and even shows me how to use it. and here's the kicker--after i thank him three times for his help, he says "no problem. people have been coming in all day needing this and other stuff to stop leaks cuz of the rain."

this is the second time i've been in our Home Depot and i swear to God, they really need to hire a new crop because it seems 99% of the employees don't even fucking know their products! yes i don't expect you to know every single small little tiny screw code number but a big name product--that people have been purchasing ALL DAY due to the weather conditions--come on.

unfortunately LG and BE had no name badges on or else i would have called management the next morning. i plan to go down there anyway to speak to someone because i'd like Mark to be given a kudos or a good note on his record or SOMETHING for his helpful attitude. if i can bring myself to even SET foot in that idiotic place again....
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