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a minor thing

not so much bad service as a "huh?" moment.

when you tip at Cold Stone, they are supposed to sing.

so i had just been paid and was over at trinitylayne's house. i offered to make a Cold Stone run. it was about 9:30 on a Saturday night. she and her friend Melissa decided what they wanted and i went over there to get it.

i go over there, get the ice creams. they are cool abt lidding the cups and putting them all in a bag. i get my change--about 40 cents or so and toss it into the tip jar. but the girls don't sing. so i asked.

me: don't you guys sing anymore?
girl: only for tips over a dollar. :insert little smirk here:

i still need to scrounge up the phone number to call the manager cuz i'd REALLY like to know if that's the case now. i knew there wasn't going to be one at that hour so i didn't bother asking for one. when they opened last summer, i saw all kinds of people just tossing coins (not dollar bills) in and getting a silly song in return. the sticker on the tip jar says "if you flip one, we will sing one". it does not specify minimum amount.

[made minor grammar edits]
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