Anne Marie (o0o_schatzi_o0o) wrote in bad_service,
Anne Marie


If you say your restaurant closes at 10pm.. then it closes at 10pm.. NOT 9:10!.. seriously, we went to CiCi's pizza last night.. I totally understand that its a cheap restaurant and not to expect much.. but when the restaurant is 20mins out of your way.. and you go in to see NOTHING at the buffet.. NADDDA>. nothing there at 9:10 (let alone the resturant putting ALL THE CHAIRS on tables.. and yes the doors were open.. so we walked in) yet CLAIM they close at 10pm.. expect someone to be a little ticked off.. YEAH.. you offered to make us a pizza to eat.. but I came for the buffet part.. you know.. the salad.. dessert.. and about four diff types of pizza!.. if I just wanted ONE PIZZA I WOULD HAVE had a pizza delivered to my home and saved the time and gas that I spent coming to your BUSINESS!.. not a big deal really.. but if restaurants want to close at 9pm.. or stop serving food at 9pm.. PUT IT ON THE HOURS OF BUSINESS! so I don't waste my time or gas.. gas isnt cheap these days ya know :=D
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