Unname (hersheywrapper) wrote in bad_service,

This isn't extremely evil bad service, but something that annoyed me and I want to rant about it.

I live in an apartment complex and needed to make a complaint at the front office. I went to the receptionist because she was the only person who seemed to be on duty at that point (I didn't see anyone else around) and she was on the phone. I waited for a minute, and her conversation just seemed to be idle chatting. She was talking about her kid and his upcoming play. So I waited, getting slightly impatient.

Finally, another woman walks in, and she takes me to her office. After getting my complaint filed away and thanking the nice lady, I walk out and run into the receptionist. She gives me the dirtiest look, then pushes past me. Yeah, sure, I'm the rude one here. Eyeroll.

Well, it doesn't matter, because I'm moving by summer, anyway. This place has gone to pot with crimes and rapes and such.
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