Snarky's Delight (deadcherries) wrote in bad_service,
Snarky's Delight

As a follow up to yesterday, my boyfriend did call the office.
He started to leave a message with the receptionist who heard his entire issue who then transferred him to the guy in charge of that office.

He said it was entirely our fault. Because of us the doctor was running behind by at least an hour.

Ok, we had SCHEDULED appointments. He didn't write us in. We had appointments for 2:45 and 3:15 and the doctor did not get to us until 3:40.
As of a starting point at 3:40, he was gone by 3:58- for TWO people.

We brought up that he didn't even give us the attention at least that I needed because I don't have insurance. He mentioned alot of tests and even brought up possible surgery, and he blurred over that part and just stopped on that I need to sign up for state medical insurance.
Insurance makes things easier but the lack of does not negate impossibility. If I need something done, I will find a way and you better tell me everything involved in a procedure

The man said the reason there wasn't more time we because we screwed up his schedule.
Seriously, no. There's no way about that even when the nurse told us that there were emergencies that morning.

The man also said that because there are other patients that yes, I can only talk about one or two issues that I'm having.

Since when does an office give you a CRUNCH of 10 minutes to talk about 2 things?

The guy on the phone was a real bastard and unflinching that everything was our fault.

My boyfriend informed him there on the phone that he's going with a complaint to the medical board and told shortly to have a good day and hung up.

Now I have to find the most effective information.

/maybe hearing "surgery" doesn't mean anything to you and hearing it doesn't fuck with your head, but it does mine.

I guess having left out that this is an Internist means nothing.
and I realize I should have written that yesterday, but I also said I wasn't good at writing when I was upset

Yesterday I was upset about the entire situation but I am more so concerned that I was told testing, blah blah blah, maybe surgery, blah blah... I want you to sign up for insurance. END OF CONVERSATION.
I don't know what a gall bladder does. I don't know why that fits into that I was telling him. I told him an issue and he just says "oh it sounds like your gallbladder" and I sit there with a puzzled look. I clearly heard him blur "surgery" into all that. I've had surgery before and it sucks.

When I asked for a prescription for my sinuses, the nurse came back and said that "the doctor mentioned you didn't have insurance so he didn't think you'd want to go out of pocket on these that they're expensive"

If any of you let yourselves be handled like this by a physician then it's your own fault. I don't appreciate being told that I should have accepted it when you're talking about my body and using the "S" word when you just heard a minute before about running tests but that they are costly to someone without insurance.
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