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I've rather dumbfounded today by what happened at the doctor's office.

My boyfriend and I went for a new patient appointment and we had 2 set up; one for 2:45 and one for 3:15. The doctor didn't get to either of us until nearly 3:40. Then he only gave us 10 minutes a piece and left us hanging.
Here was the manner of approach: He spoke with my boyfriend about his MAIN concern, and nothing else. Then when it came to me he asked me to just list my top two (wtf!?). I got a rush job. I haven't been to the doctor in at least 2 years and I don't have health insurance so I had a few things on my mind, one of which is anxiety and depression and I'm being told to give my "top two concerns".
Well of course I said the ones that I thought were most fixable to get them out of the way, one being my sinuses. So I get quizzed very briefly on issue number 1 that I gave him and he said he wants to run alot of tests, but suggests I try to get the state insurance to help cover them. Issue number two being my sinuses I get samples of an antibiotic and an over the counter but I get -zero- prescriptions. I don't even know what I'm getting until he leaves and send the nurse in and the nurse tells me and I ask why do I not have a prescription for this problem? She said that he mentioned that I didn't have any insurance.

Ok. I may not have insurance but since when does that imply that I am cheap to things that I know I need? Yes, tests run upwards of a thousand dollars. A prescription for Allegra generally is under $100. What bugs me further still is that he had no problem giving it to me, meaning that he was in agreement. So if the doctor thought that I did need something then why did he not tell me and what I feel is an assumption that I am cheap and don't care about my health just because I don't have insurance that will always pay for everything.

My boyfriend has insurance and thankfully he's only paying a copay- but mine was $60 and I get ten minutes and a bunch of run-around. Not to mention that I was clearly upset and had tears down my face silently for the entire appointment... being that the ass never even looked at my chart with all the concerns that you don't fuck with someone that has an issue with depression and anxiety and then put them on the spot in a corner and not fill them in and make assumptions.

I'm just pissed and very hurt. The nurse said that he was overbooked because of a few emergencies that came up earlier in the day, but why did no one tell us this Lbefore it started unraveling? The doctor mentioned nothing, and didn't even tell me that I was giving him two problems cause he didn't have the time. I mentioned in front of the nurse to my boyfriend plain as day that if this were the case then why didn't they ask people if they might want to reschedule because I would have gladly given up my appointment then to have a half one and at least then maybe one of us would have gotten all the attention we needed.

Total wait was 1 hour late and we had TEN MINUTES per appointment.
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