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UPDATE: the resolution to the metallic french fries

i went over to wendy's and showed the piece to the manager. all of a sudden, the employees were saying things like "that looks like it came from the oven!" now, unless they're talking about the heat lamp thing, i really would like to know why the french fries were in the OVEN. the manager apologized profusely, and gave me a refund for the fries.

at least she didn't offer me a comp'd meal. i would have probably hit her.

but maintenance was still looking at the grease traps when i left, so there could be way more to it than i know.

lesson learned: always dump your fries out onto a plate or a napkin before consuming.

right now, i'm sticking with places that make my food in front of me. i'm still thinking about calling the health dept though. i saw all kinds of stuff that would have made me change my mind about eating there if i had gone into the dining room instead of the drive thru. that place was FILTHY. there's no way they would pass a surprise inspection.

i really wish they would have let me keep the piece of metal for posterity.

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