Hot coffee, comin' thru. (hat_and_sandals) wrote in bad_service,
Hot coffee, comin' thru.

This and that about Radio Shack

All right, I came into the Radio Shack this afternoon looking for voice recorder. Things were going fine until the salesperson asked me what kind. I answered, "One that'll record from 2 to 4 hours of audio. I'd preffer digital, but I can't spend too much." He shown me a few models that would've been nice--if I had the $50-$90 to pitch out at the time.

At the time I just got done with an interview, so I was wearing my nice clothing and polished shoes. So maybe he didn't believe me when I said I didn't have too much to spend. I saw some analog tape recorders and questioned about those. He said, "Oh, $50's the lowest amount we have that'll fit your needs. You need digital that'll hook up to the PC, right? Right, $50. The digital one is much better." I tried my best to look unimpressed and I told him I didn't have much to spend, and he gave me the same routine. I kind've doubt those analog ones with the tapes cost more than $50. So I left immediately.

Now, I normally would take this with a grain of salt; but this wasn't the first time I've had problems with this particular Radio Shack.

Last time I went there I wanted for your run-of-the-mill, USB keyboard for the PC. I picked a cheap, $15 one off the shelf and took it to the register. The guy looks at me then the keyboard, and while he's ringing up the order, asks me why I didn't buy the wireless. I said that all I wanted to spend was that amount of money, he answered that the wireless was better. It wasn't really about what he said, but more how he said it. He sounded pissed off to me and wouldn't make eye contact.

I don't want the $50 audio recorder. I don't want the wireless keyboard. If you wanted more money, you should've tried mugging me in the parking lot. I don't know how Radio Shack teaches their employees sales skills, but they must really suck.
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