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Dear Home Warranty Company....

Dear Home Warranty Company,

The reason I have an account with you is because we have an older home.  We knew that some things would need replacing and that, with your assistance, we would be able to afford the cost.  When I called to ask you to set an appointment with one of you A/C contractors, I asked you if our current company was on your list.  The first person said yes.  When I called back to confirm an appointment, the second person said that they weren't on the list.  The manager I spoke to said yes.  Make up your mind.

A call to the A/C company confirmed that they were, indeed, one of your contractors.  They came at the appointed time, inspected our AC unit and confirmed that we needed to replace it.  No biggie, right?

Then why, for everything that is holy and sacred, did you deny the claim/report?  I followed your instructions to the letter.  I confirmed that this company was a contractor - 2 times with you and once with the company.   The owner of the company even showed me the contract they have with you.

The other two companies you listed as contractors have extremely spotty records according to the local BBB and the home builders association.  So, no, I do not want to use them.  Why they are on your roles is beyond me.

If we have to do this out of pocket, I will be writing to request a complete refund of the money I have sent to you to renew our contract...even though your manager said they couldn't refund anything.  Why be a customer if you won't help me when needed?

The IRS already screwed us this year.  Don't make it an orgy.


BTW, dear AC company,

You know you're my only hope.  Why does it take 4 phone calls to get a simple estimate?  You've already been up here, diagnosed the problem with the unit, know the problems we're having with the warranty company, know that we're going to replace the unit no matter what the outcome.  I've explained repeatedly that because of my medical conditions, being in a hot house causes me to get sick.  

You have me by my hubby's cajones.   You get one more chance.  You said you'd be here at 10am today.  You've got until 2pm.  

/rant part 2


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